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Rosa (‘WEKrigoyelo’ PPAF)

Gentle Giant

Big monstrous buds & blossoms of rich have an inner glow of golden yellow. Super broad round petals lend a classical flower form. Large luxurious leaves of unusual light green colour dress this bushy plant...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKstephitsu’)

Outta The Blue

Free-flowering and super vigorous shrub bears big clusters of old-fashioned-formed blooms. From rich magenta spiked with yellow, to deep wine sparked with cream, to warm lavender to nearly blue! Sweet, spicy fragrance...


Rosa (‘WILace’)

Peggy Rockefeller

Long pointed buds open to reveal rich red blooms arranged in classic Hybrid Tea form. The blooms are held atop long stems above lustrous dark foliage. Great for cutting...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WISida’)

Ida (Hallmark® Rose 2002)

Named after the first winner of the Hallmark® 'Mother’s Day Contest', this rose sports deep pink blooms which darken to shades of mauve-purple as they age. Bright, deep green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘KORbin’)


Long, cool white buds unfurl into large, double blooms with light green glossy foliage. Mild fragrance, medium-tall bushy growth habit. Very profuse bloomer...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (PP#8054)

Morden Blush

Low-growing, floriferous bush with old fashioned double blooms in light to ivory all season. Colourful hedge or accent...

Parkland Series

Rosa (PP#9122)

Winnipeg Parks

Clusters of medium-red blooms on a low dense bush. A good bedding and landscape rose with red-tinged leaves in the fall...

Parkland Series

Rosa (WEKplagneze)

Home & Family

Classic white long-stemmed roses raise the bar of excellence in this outstanding variety. Low-thorned stems with almost black-green glossy leaves...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (WEKsunspat)

Marilyn Monroe

Creamy apricot coloured blooms are washed with a hint of green. Perfect Hybrid Tea form on cutting length stems beckon to be enjoyed in a vase or floral arrangement...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa Anglia Love (Jal-love)

Anglia Love

It’s very healthy, super glossy foliage, compact plant with a double deep peach/pink English style flower. Extremely prolific plant with superb looking foliage, glistens to perfection...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa Aurora Borealis™ (VLR002)

Aurora Borealis™

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are captured in the blooming clusters of this dramatic sunset pink rose set against dark green and glossy foliage. Black spot resistance and winter hardiness across Canada...

49th Parallel Collection

Rosa Beloved ‘Jal-Beloved’


Rich candy apple red roses in a classic hybrid tea shape! We are thrilled with this long-stem classic red rose's ability to produce arm loads of cutting blooms on a plant displaying a fine garden habit...

Hybrid Tea Rose