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Rosa ‘Sweet Drift’

Sweet Drift

Clear pink double flowers cluster atop dark green glossy foliage. Abundant, continuous flowering and exceptional disease resistance make this a perfect choice for use along pathways or borders...

Drift Series

Rosa ‘WILdels’

Delany Sisters

Double ivory-peach flowers with bright cherry-red washing on the edges, light peachy- reverse. Blooms borne both singly and in large clusters. Large, dark, semi-glossy foliage...

Grandiflora Rose

Rosa (‘AUSbaker’)

Teasing Georgia

Soft yellow flowers with a pleasing cupped formation. The centre petals are a rich, deep yellow, graduating to the palest yellow at the outer edge. Can be used as a climber...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSchild’)

Fisherman's Friend

Large, full-petalled flowers of deep garnet-crimson with a powerful 'Old Rose' fragrance. Plant has a strong growth habit...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSled’ PP#10607)

A Shropshire Lad

Soft peachy- flowers, cupped in a rosette formation. Deliciously fruity fragrance. A large, reliable, strong growing shrub suitable for placement near the back of the border...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSmas’)

Graham Thomas

Rich, pure yellow cupped blooms. Strong Tea Rose fragrance and shiny, pale green foliage. Upright, bushy, vigorous growth habit...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSome’)


This sport of 'Heritage' has beautiful fragrant white flowers with a hint of . Strong bushy growth habit, repeat bloomer...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSwill’)

William Morris

Lovely, glowing apricot- flowers grace this tall shrub with arching growth and glossy disease resistant foliage. Extremely hardy and reliable. Excellent repeat bloomer...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘AUSwinter’ PPAF)

Crown Princess Margareta

Lovely apricot-orange flowers with a strong, fruity Tea rose type fragrance. This tall, arching shrub is ideal for the back of the border. Can be used as a climber...

Austin Series

Rosa (‘JACclam’)


Fast-growing hardy plants bear an abundance of salmon- roses, heavily fragrant with the spicy scent of cloves. Large full blooms on clean dark foliage...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘JACyes’ PP#9390)

Henry Fonda

Long, pointed buds open into distinct, deep yellow blooms. Lightly fragrant. This tall bush is vigorous and free blooming. Dark, glossy green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose