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Shrub Rose

Rosa ‘Abbotsford’

The Abbotsford Rose

Petite double blooms morph from soft pink, to fuchsia, to dark lavender. Repeat bloomer with excellent pest and disease resistance...


Rosa ‘AC™ Navy Lady’

AC™ Navy Lady

The Wrens proudly present this rose developed by Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, and grown exclusively by Bakker Nurseries to celebrate the Centennial. It has reflowering blooms with a beautiful dark red velvet colour...


Rosa ‘Canadian Shield™ (AAC576)

Canadian Shield™

Made in Canada. The first rose released in the 49th Parallel Collection coincided with Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Rich red colour. Repeat bloomer. Resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. Above the 49th Parallel is a place of extraordinary and varied natural beauty. This rose is grown for its strength and ability to blossom throughout most of where we call home. We celebrate what’s in our nature with this collection named for great Canadian natural phenomenons...

49th Parallel Collection

Rosa ‘Carefree Celebration’

Carefree Celebration

The latest addition in our popular "Carefree" series stands apart in the landscape with its unique color that is even stronger in hot, humid climates. Superior disease resistance...


Rosa ‘Carefree Spirit’

Carefree Spirit

Finally, a true red hardy shrub rose! A descendant of Carefree Delight, that has the great foliage of its parent, but now has more disease resistance, better plant habit and a great non-fading bright red color...


Rosa ‘Chinook Sunrise™’ (VLR001)

Chinook Sunrise™

The second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection coming in 2019. Blooms in a flush with a riot of exotic coral colours. Low-maintenance, black spot tolerant and winter hardy...

49th Parallel Collection

Rosa ‘Double Knock Out’

Double Knock Out

Exquisitely rich, cherry-red, double flowers provide a continuous show of colour from June to hard frost. Self-cleaning, great disease resistance. Rich burgundy leaves and bright orange-red hips add colour to extend the season...


Rosa ‘RADrazz’ PP#11836

Knock Out

Deep cherry-red blooms and dark moss-green foliage. Drought tolerant, extremely hardy and highly resistant to disease and pests. Continuous blooming. Nicknamed the 'No Fear Rose'..


Rosa ‘Radtkopink’

Pink Double Knock Out®

A bright, bubble gum pink version of The Double Knock Out® Rose that is very stable and unfazed by the heat. Classically shaped flowers bloom from early spring to the first frost. This plant has superior drought tolerance once established. ..


Rosa (‘DARcanard’)

Party Hardy

Big old-fashioned bright blooms that arrive in showy clusters. Bred in Canada and has proven to be perfectly adapted for harsh winters. Keeps its clean green foliage to the ground and grows like mad as a result. Excellent disease resistance...


Rosa (‘JACyepat’ PPAF)

Yellow Jacket

Rich yellow blooms smother an upright plant which is compact and outstanding in vigor and disease resistance. Extremely free-flowering with dark, glossy foliage...