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Shrub Rose

Rosa ‘Yukon Sun™’ (S13-3)

Yukon Sun™

This compact, early and continuous blooming rose is reminiscent of warm sunlight set against beautiful dark green glossy foliage. Low-maintenance and disease tolerance features including winter hardiness to -35°C...

49th Parallel Collection

Rosa (‘DARcanard’)

Party Hardy

Big old-fashioned bright blooms that arrive in showy clusters. Bred in Canada and has proven to be perfectly adapted for harsh winters. Keeps its clean green foliage to the ground and grows like mad as a result. Excellent disease resistance...


Rosa (‘JACyepat’ PPAF)

Yellow Jacket

Rich yellow blooms smother an upright plant which is compact and outstanding in vigor and disease resistance. Extremely free-flowering with dark, glossy foliage...


Rosa (‘WEKstephitsu’)

Outta The Blue

Free-flowering and super vigorous shrub bears big clusters of old-fashioned-formed blooms. From rich magenta spiked with yellow, to deep wine sparked with cream, to warm lavender to nearly blue! Sweet, spicy fragrance...


Rosa Aurora Borealis™ (VLR002)

Aurora Borealis™

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are captured in the blooming clusters of this dramatic sunset pink rose set against dark green and glossy foliage. Black spot resistance and winter hardiness across Canada...

49th Parallel Collection

Rosa Easy on the Eyes™ (‘WEKswechefy’)

Easy on the Eyes™

Medium pink with magenta purple heart and cream reverse fading to light lavender with deep smoky purple eye. Flowers held in large clusters that you can barely see the lovely clean dark green and glossy foliage. Disease resistant...


Rosa Liberty (Jal-Liberty)


Easily the best single red shrub rose on the market with its high gloss foliage and masses of blooms. Named to honour all those who have and will serve. Flowers resemble the true red poppy...