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Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘MACchome’)

Rita McNeil

Deep crimson buds open to full long-lasting red blooms that make excellent cut flowers. Use as an accent or a show-stopping mass planting...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘MACmatan’)

Ten Ten

This striking deep red rose was named in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Toronto's CFRB radio station. Rich velvet-red blooms are held atop long stems. An excellent cut flower...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘MACtaurang’)

Rainbow Niagara

This very floriferous rose has blooms of orange with yellow stripes, maturing to shades of coral and creating a cascade of colour. Dense upright habit with dark green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘MEIvildo’ PP#6895)

Yves Piaget

Large, very double, and sumptuously fragrant mauve- blooms. Long, strong stems make this an excellent cut flower. Vigorous, continuous bloomer. Part of the Romantica®‚ series...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘TANnacht’)

Blue Moon®

Long, pointed buds open to unusual, clear, clean lilac-lavender blooms with a light, fruity fragrance. Medium bushy habit with olive-green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKearman’ PPAF)

Let Freedom Ring

Classically formed, perfectly swirled, five-inch flowers are a unique and dazzling shade of strawberry red. Graced with long straight stems and a light but sweet fragrance. Remarkably disease resistant for a Hybrid Tea rose...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKhilpurnil’ PPAF)


This rose should achieve mythical status with its large luscious lavender blooms kissed with purple and its delightful sweet fragrance. Abundant blooms on a strong vigorous plant...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKrigoyelo’ PPAF)

Gentle Giant

Big monstrous buds & blossoms of rich have an inner glow of golden yellow. Super broad round petals lend a classical flower form. Large luxurious leaves of unusual light green colour dress this bushy plant...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WILace’)

Peggy Rockefeller

Long pointed buds open to reveal rich red blooms arranged in classic Hybrid Tea form. The blooms are held atop long stems above lustrous dark foliage. Great for cutting...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WISida’)

Ida (Hallmark® Rose 2002)

Named after the first winner of the Hallmark® 'Mother’s Day Contest', this rose sports deep pink blooms which darken to shades of mauve-purple as they age. Bright, deep green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose