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Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Above All™’ (CHEwesic)

Above All™

Very attractive salmony orange flower colour combined with a nice fruity fragrance and a high level of disease resistance. Continuous blooming from spring to fall in multiples climates...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Angela’


Soft clusters of delicate cupped blooms smother the branches of this floriferous climber. Medium green foliage, slightly fragrant...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Don Juan’

Don Juan

Deep crimson repeat bloomer with long canes and good fragrance, blooming prolifically in early summer with large full blooms and dark green foliage...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Hella®’ (Kordes)


Hella® is a healthy and vigorous climbing rose from Kordes. It produces a profusion of medium-sized, semi-double, lightly fragrant, white flowers from early summer until early autumn...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘MEIviolin’

Eden Climber®

Large, very double blooms with a blend of pastel s, creams and yellows. Exceptionally heavy, deep green foliage on a vigorous climber. One of the Romantica®‚ Family of Roses...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Night Owl’

Night Owl

Semi-double clusters of dark wine-purple blooms with yellow stamens are sweetly fragrant. Long-lived flowers are repeat bloomers...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘WEKausujucton’

Golden Opportunity™

Climber. With Autumn Sunset and Julia Child in its parentage, you know to expect great things from this beauty. Blooming in flushes throughout the season, pointed, ovoid buds spiral open to reveal gorgeous golden yellow blooms that shine like beacons against ta backdrop of glossy, deep green leaves. Bred with excellent disease resistance, you won't regret giving this rose a chance to show off in your garden. This is a very exciting new everblooming climbing rose in an amazing colour and modest 10 foot plant habit. We are really excited to be offering this rose for the first time...

Climbing Rose

Rosa ‘Meiviowit’

Eden Climber® White

Old-fashioned, white flowers cover this very vigorous climber from head to toe in the spring and contrast nicely with its dark foliage. The growing behavior, plant habit, disease resistance and repeat flowering patterns are exactly the same as Eden Climber®, our most famous Romantica® climber...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘FRYblissful’)

Dizzy Heights

An extremely vigorous climber with scented blooms of rich glowing coral-red that are large, full petalled, and perfectly formed. Excellent disease resistant foliage...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘FRYclimbdown’)

Crimson Cascade

Great form, vigorous growth and exceptionally dark red blooms - what more could you want in a climber Excellent disease resistance with dense glossy foliage...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘JACclam’)


Fast-growing hardy plants bear an abundance of salmon- roses, heavily fragrant with the spicy scent of cloves. Large full blooms on clean dark foliage...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘MACba’)

Galway Bay

Vigorous climbing rose with a profusion of very double, coral blooms on plentiful dark green foliage. Moderately fragrant...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘Radsunsar’)

Climbing Carefree Sunshine

This new climber will bloom non-stop throughout the season. After the cheerful yellow blooms begin to slow down, bright green hips emerge to decorate the fall landscape...

Climbing Rose