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Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘KORtabris’)


Clusters of pure white petals edged with are long lasting. Vigorous, tall, upright growth. Don't let the good looks fool you, this rose is hardy...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘Meideweis’)


Finally a pure white Romantica! The smallest rose in bloom size to be introduced into this collection. An exceptionally strong fragrance and soft delicate bloom make it perfect for any cutting garden...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘MEImonblan’ PPAF)

Marmalade Skies

Abundant clusters of brilliant tangerine orange blooms cover this vigorous, compact, ever blooming shrub. Makes a dazzling display as a low border or as a specimen planting...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘PROse’ PPAF)

Burgundy Iceberg

Terrific flower production, bushy habit, lovely buds, showy clusters, glossy green foliage and nearly thornless stems. Painted colours of deep purple-red burgundy & cream...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘WEKdidusinra’ PPAF)

White Licorice

Unparalleled perfume that will make you tingle with delight. A bouquet-making machine-of-a-plant with wonderfully formed buds that open into big wavy wonders with dark green leaves...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘KORbin’)


Long, cool white buds unfurl into large, double blooms with light green glossy foliage. Mild fragrance, medium-tall bushy growth habit. Very profuse bloomer...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (KORlima’)

Lilli Marleen

Dark cherry-red double blooms with delightful fragrance. Medium green, leathery foliage on a vigorous and hardy plant...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa Anglia Love (Jal-love)

Anglia Love

It’s very healthy, super glossy foliage, compact plant with a double deep peach/pink English style flower. Extremely prolific plant with superb looking foliage, glistens to perfection...

Floribunda Rose