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225cm 7'

Acer rubrum ‘Armstrong’

Armstrong Gold Maple

Fast growing columnar selection. It produces a very tall, narrow tree with ascending branches. It is widely used for street planting where space demands a tree which will not spread...


Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’

Bowhall Maple

A tightly formed, sturdy, narrow tree excellent for street plantings. It stays smaller than Armstrong and has better foliage colour in both summer and fall...


Acer rubrum ‘JFS-KW78’

Armstrong Gold Maple

Selected from seedlings of Armstrong, this cultivar improves greatly on the parent, with brighter foliage colour, greater foliage density and compact, less leggy growth habit...


Tilia americana ‘DTR 123’

Legend Linden

A broadly pyramidal cultivar of the noble American Basswood tree. Its clean glossy leaves resist the rust problem of the species. Winter buds and twigs are bright vermillion. Strong growing cultivar...


Ulmus ‘Morton’

Accolade Elm

A tall hybrid elm cultivar with an upright spreading habit, large shiny leaves and good fall colour. Resistant to Dutch elm disease. Very adaptable to adverse conditions...


Ulmus wilsoniana Prospector

Prospector Elm

This cultivar forms a broadly vase shaped crown at an early age, and provides the form and toughness of the American Elm without its problems. Widely adaptable to climatic extremes...


Ulmus x ‘Morton Glossy’

Triumph™ Elm

Very good resistance to Dutch elm disease and is resistant to elm yellows; it also has good resistance to elm leaf beetle. It is easily transplanted, quick to establish, and adaptable to most soil types. Large, lustrous, dark green summer foliage gives way to yellow fall colour. Useful for home and commercial landscapes or parks or as street tree...


Ulmus x ‘Patriot’

Patriot Elm

A tall cultivar of hybrid elm with a narrowly upright vase shape. Dark green foliage turning yellow in fall. Highly resistant to Dutch Elm disease. Fast growing...