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Rosa (KORlima’)

Lilli Marleen

Dark cherry-red double blooms with delightful fragrance. Medium green, leathery foliage on a vigorous and hardy plant...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (PP#10009)

George Vancouver

Deep red buds unfold into red blooms which gradually age to . Upright and bushy growth habit. Hardy and disease resistant...

Explorer Series

Rosa (PP#8054)

Morden Blush

Low-growing, floriferous bush with old fashioned double blooms in light to ivory all season. Colourful hedge or accent...

Parkland Series

Rosa (PP#8060)

Morden Fireglow

Slightly fragrant, recurrent scarlet red blooms on a low, upright bush with medium-green foliage. Very hardy...

Parkland Series

Rosa (PP#9122)

Winnipeg Parks

Clusters of medium-red blooms on a low dense bush. A good bedding and landscape rose with red-tinged leaves in the fall...

Parkland Series

Rosa (PP#9210)


Clusters of large deep blooms cover this medium upright plant from June through October. Very winter hardy...

Explorer Series

Rosa (PP#9978)

Lambert Closse

Hybrid Tea-like buds of deep open into beautiful pale ruffled blooms. Upright bushy habit. Hardy and disease resistant...

Explorer Series

Rosa (Radcor) PP#17346

Rainbow Knock Out

Uniquely coloured coral blooms with yellow centers, the Rainbow Knock Out®‚ rose is more compact than the other members. Rarely affected by black spot. New foliage appears deep burgundy...


Rosa (Radsunny) PP#18562

Sunny Knock Out

The only fragrant member in the Knock Out®‚ family of roses. It has a slightly more compact and upright habit than the Knock Out®‚ rose with bright yellow flowers that fade quickly to a pastel cream colour...


Rosa (WEKosomit)

Mellow Yellow

Long-lasting hues of pure, clear yellow suffuse the petals on the large, classical Hybrid Tea blooms. Long stems for cutting, deep green foliage, moderately fruity fragrance...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (WEKplagneze)

Home & Family

Classic white long-stemmed roses raise the bar of excellence in this outstanding variety. Low-thorned stems with almost black-green glossy leaves...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (WEKsunspat)

Marilyn Monroe

Creamy apricot coloured blooms are washed with a hint of green. Perfect Hybrid Tea form on cutting length stems beckon to be enjoyed in a vase or floral arrangement...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa Children’s Hope™ (‘WEKswegobab’)

Children's Hope™

The Children's Brain Tumor Foundation helps get sick children back to good health. Each little medium red pompom-like flower is produced in big clusters on a perfectly even rounded plant. A blooming machine with good disease resistance...


Rosa Easy on the Eyes™ (‘WEKswechefy’)

Easy on the Eyes™

Medium pink with magenta purple heart and cream reverse fading to light lavender with deep smoky purple eye. Flowers held in large clusters that you can barely see the lovely clean dark green and glossy foliage. Disease resistant...