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Rosa (‘MEIzoele’ PPAF)

Glowing Peace

Clusters of golden amber blooms with petals suffused with melon-orange for a delicious colour in the landscape. Disease resistant, shiny dark green foliage turns burgundy in the fall...

Grandiflora Rose

Rosa (‘PROse’ PPAF)

Burgundy Iceberg

Terrific flower production, bushy habit, lovely buds, showy clusters, glossy green foliage and nearly thornless stems. Painted colours of deep purple-red burgundy & cream...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘RADrazz’ PP#11836)

Knock Out

Deep cherry-red blooms and dark moss-green foliage. Drought tolerant, extremely hardy and highly resistant to disease and pests. Continuous blooming. Nicknamed the 'No Fear Rose'..


Rosa (‘Radsunsar’)

Climbing Carefree Sunshine

This new climber will bloom non-stop throughout the season. After the cheerful yellow blooms begin to slow down, bright green hips emerge to decorate the fall landscape...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘TANnacht’)

Blue Moon®

Long, pointed buds open to unusual, clear, clean lilac-lavender blooms with a light, fruity fragrance. Medium bushy habit with olive-green foliage...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKbepmey’ PPAF)

Strike It Rich

Very long elegant buds & tantalizing fresh colour. The flowers are much longer lived, holding their delicious blend of gold, orange and red colours to the very end. It has great vigor and natural disease resistance...

Grandiflora Rose

Rosa (‘WEKdidusinra’ PPAF)

White Licorice

Unparalleled perfume that will make you tingle with delight. A bouquet-making machine-of-a-plant with wonderfully formed buds that open into big wavy wonders with dark green leaves...

Floribunda Rose

Rosa (‘WEKearman’ PPAF)

Let Freedom Ring

Classically formed, perfectly swirled, five-inch flowers are a unique and dazzling shade of strawberry red. Graced with long straight stems and a light but sweet fragrance. Remarkably disease resistant for a Hybrid Tea rose...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKfunk’)

Dick Clark

Black-red buds spiral open to show off swirls of cream edged & washed with vibrant cherry . When the sun strikes the petals, they begin to blush burgundy, finishing as a deep dark red. Easy to grow, great vigor...

Grandiflora Rose

Rosa (‘WEKhilpurnil’ PPAF)


This rose should achieve mythical status with its large luscious lavender blooms kissed with purple and its delightful sweet fragrance. Abundant blooms on a strong vigorous plant...

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa (‘WEKradler’)

Lemon Meringue

Gives lots of colour and super fragrance, reblooming well in the very first season. High level ofhardiness and blackspot resistance. A proven performer for all climates...

Climbing Rose

Rosa (‘WEKrigoyelo’ PPAF)

Gentle Giant

Big monstrous buds & blossoms of rich have an inner glow of golden yellow. Super broad round petals lend a classical flower form. Large luxurious leaves of unusual light green colour dress this bushy plant...

Hybrid Tea Rose