Unequalled Care & Storage of the Rose Bush


Bakker roses are grown on our own selection of multiflora seedlings from our own seed source (many roses sold today are grown on imported rootstock, which comes from countries where cold climate is of little concern). This selection has been time proven to be hardy throughout much of Canada’s diverse climates and gives excellent vigor year after year. Unlike cutting-type rootstocks (onto which most imports are grafted), seedlings don’t propagate unwanted viruses which reduce hardiness and performance.

Our roses are cared for with the most up-to-date equipment available. At harvest time, leaves are allowed to come off the plant naturally (not using chemical or mechanical defoliators). After grading, the roses are brought into cold storage where they are immediately brought down to -2˚c (a storage system pioneered by Bakker Nurseries). This virtually eliminates all fungal disease, and at the same time satisfies the plant’s dormancy.

We are constantly evaluating rose varieties to offer a list of unique, disease resistant, and hardy selections. A rose must first perform well in our fields before it is sold. The same premium rootstock that we grow for our own roses is available as bareroot multiflora seedlings.