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About Us


J. C. Bakker and Sons Ltd. is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery, that has been growing quality nursery stock for over 50 years. We are located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada, just a short drive from Niagara Falls.

The climate is one of the mildest in the country due to the moderating effect of the Great Lakes. The last frost can occur about mid-May, and the first frost occurs about mid-October. The soil remains, for the most part, frozen from Christmas to mid-March. On average, most winters are mild, with very little snow cover remaining for any extended length of time.

The Niagara Peninsula is a very suitable area for growing and a vast quantity of nursery stock varieties are produced very successfully, including locust, linden, ash, taxus, roses, junipers, spruce, etc. The area is favourable located, with cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and New York all within a 500 mile radius.

Bakker’s grows a broad range of woody ornamental nursery stock, and, in addition, specializes in top-grafted standards, such as caragana, weeping pussy willow, euonymus, lilac, ginkgo, crabapple and catalpa, just to name a few.

Bakker’s also produces over 150 varieties of roses in addition ot a very diverse selection of flowering shrubs, evergreens and shade trees, and is among the industry leaders in development and testing of the newest available varieties.

Bakker Nurseries production is wholesaled within Canada, as well as to the United States and European markets. The majority of our plant material is grown from propagation to a finished state on our own farms, thus ensuring quality control as well as acclimatization of plants for customers located in colder geographical areas.

The field growing area is made up of approzimately 450 acres of sandy and sandy loam soil, all tile drained, and in parcels of land of 6 to 58 acres, all within 3 miles of the home yard. Land costs are high – approximately $35,000 per acre. There are about 40 acres of polyhouses and 100,000 square feet of propagating houses and glasshouses.

Bakker Nurseries currently employs 45 full-time staff, with an additional 80 or more seasonal workers at the peak of the summer season.